Apple? Windows? No time to rest on your digital laurels, the world operates in more than one way.

It is time to start thinking about a world of proprietary software and niche operative systems …desktop, mobile and otherwise. Shake out your digital comfort zone beyond internships or industries.

Panic-not! This is NOT a technical blog, however if:

  • your entire computing know-how or will-to-learn is limited to Apple, Windows or Linux, or
  • you have never heard of Ubuntu and you are  about to graduate or change jobs then
  • you should read this brief piece
A world of many operative systems

A world of many operative systems

Life is an on-going experiment and this blog post is a mere manifestation of one single aspect of it. These paragraphs were started, developed and uploaded using cloud-based applications in three operative systems:

  • Windows 8
  • OS x Mountain Lion and
  • Ubuntu Raring Ringtail

in the anxious hope of working in the upcoming releases of:

  • Windows 8.1
  • OS Mavericks and
  • Ubuntu Saucy Salamander

Open Mind Technology

Salamander  by the way, is not related to “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.” Pop culture references aside, continue reading for a very subtle opportunity to expand your frame of mind about computing  at work …which STARTS IN SCHOOL. If you are a millennial who takes pride in being a digital native, you may not be as marketable when folks in older generations (digital migrants) show  stronger will to embrace more than one operative system.

Designer toys branded as Android Icon in different uniforms and looks

Android’s many flavors

We all have preferences but it is important to stay open and roll with the punches.  2014 is around the corner and in terms of day-to-day work; if you are fortunate to be free of  extreme fanaticism for one operative system, that means you feel OK with using more than one type of computer system in your day-to-day existence. If so you are in the minority, and you  can call yourself “media-agnostic.” Oh, do not panic, it has nothing to do with belief systems, you are simply stating that by being “bi, tri, or multi-operational,” you are not confined by  any of the popular or niche ways of computing, nor by one single version of them. You are free and a bigger person than your competitors, in that aspect.

There is no shame in your game if you call yourself media-agnostic; you are walking the walk in one of the various pragmatic paths to increase your opportunities in professional  technical-savviness. Why limiting the possibilities of personal development through the dominion of a single operative-system when you can function in more than one? It is important to  stop thinking as a consumer who is limited to one industry and embrace the possibilities of what is available in the global marketplace.

Ubuntu Mobile Systems

Ubuntu mobile

Professionals with a long story in the game may argue against this, but technology changes fast-as everyone knows. Globally successful systems have a limited lifespan at the top of the  market and the experience one can absorb from them strengthen our overall potential to navigate digital assignments. Global communications as well as other industries operate across borders. The more flexible a recent graduate or job-changer becomes, the wider they cast a net of opportunities across industries that may diversify their profile. Unless one has the  certainty that it is time so say goodbye to technological adaptation for survival (or personal development,) one cannot really afford to be mono-operational.

OS X Mavericks release fall 2014When a young professional ends the fictitious journey across internships, the real world of hierarchical opportunities and challenges starts. Getting know-how beyond the ubiquitous worlds of Apple, Windows, and Linux, and the ways programs and applications are navigated within each of them, may prove to be the right platform to convince your potential employer you have what  it takes to adapt, innovate and conquer. The welcome mats may show more doors in terms of team collaboration and technical savvy flexibility. It is simply convenient to stop complaining  about what is easy to do or not in one particular system, and grab the bull by the horns by living digital life with a multi-operational approach.

Things to ponder about:

  • interdisciplinary fields
  • facilitating tasks across global teams
  • life beyond one’s silo, versatility
  • maturity, adaptability, expansion

No (hissy) fits for there is only learning in the horizon. Skim through:

Note to detailed readers: media-agnostic is a term that can be amplified in future opportunities but in this case it is limited to helping capricious minds bound by one single  computational operative system.

~Tech Guerrero for Sindiek8

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