Search Tools To Monitor Brands And Much More

Search Tools Monitoring Brands

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Communications professionals use search tools beyond Google, Bing and Yahoo to:

  •     monitor brands owned by employers or competitors or
  •     produce results for academic research or
  •     perform marketing research for upcoming product lines

These free search tools are commodities for digital life: Netvibes, Wolfram Alpha and DEVONagent Lite.


Reigns Among Search Tools in Social

Search Tools NetVibes

With NetVibes iGoogle Nostalgia is Over

Netvibes is a personalized dashboard publishing platform. It is made of widgets from developers. They make it easy to set up search pods for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media and search engines. It is one of those search tools with multiple listening posts like brand monitoring, e-reputation, product marketing, community portals, plus personalized work-spaces. Missing iGoogle already? Netvibes offers equal data stimulation.

Wolfram Alpha

Search Tools Meet The Matrix

Search Tools Wolfram Alpha

Need Quantitative Research?

Wolfram Alpha answers queries directly by computing from external data sources. Users find a knowledge box full of statistics that result from multiple aspects of the desired keywords. For calculation or numerical data do not waste time with other search tools, Wolfram Alpha brings it.


A World Beyond Search Tools Opens

Search Tools DEVONagent Lite

Artificial Intelligence for Instant Results and Many Choices

Exclusively for Apple users DEVONagent Lite is the free version of multiple search tools offered by DEVONtechnologies. They own a unique artificial intelligence technology that analyzes and compares data sources and finds relationships between them instantly. DEVONagent Lite is seamless.  It is right next to Spotlight on the menu bar. Users can choose from 70 search engines and databases with one click. The results open directly on the browser.

Beware of these three search tools! They are truly efficient. They are addictive for resourceful information specialists.

~Tech Guerrero

for Sindiek8

4 thoughts on “Search Tools To Monitor Brands And Much More

  1. Bonjour Mary,

    We are very pleased that you like it. We are also not surprised that you knew of NetVibes, besides the shared love for digital culture, they happen to be based in Paris (and San Francisco.) Send us smoke signals if you care to share other pieces with your diverse audiences at SMD. We enjoyed our firms’ previous collaborations:

    Your friends @Sindiek8

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