Personalized Homepage Providers to substitute iGoogle

Google delivered in its promise to pull the plug off its customizable home page. This has left an opportunity to explore alternatives among a growing number of personalized homepage providers to replace iGoogle.

iGoogle personalized homepage providers

iGoogle Nostalgia? Continue reading!

Netvibes was covered in a recent entry about Search Tools To Monitor Brands. It is one of the personalized homepage providers that is gathering a lot of iGoogle-migrants. Look at benefits of other products.

These aggregators tend to be similar in terms of the freedom to place news pods in multiple tabs which allow for customization i.e. news, sport, social media, etc. They normally have a preset menu with links for the most popular websites.


Personalized homepage providers that look like iGoogle

igHome : Their presets menu bar mostly contains Google products. Clean design and a gadget directory made of local-to-international content providers of RSS feeds worth looking at before deciding.

igHome personalized homepage providers

Gadget Directory goes from local to global

ProtoPage  : “Add Widgets” button provides their list of content providers, bookmarks and RSS options.

ProtoPage personalized homepage providers

ProtoPage – vast providers & RSS

The revamped My Yahoo has nice graphics, refined gradient choices and a clean feel.

My.Yahoo revamped personalized homepage providers

My.Yahoo revamped.


Personalized Homepage Providers

with a tablet look and feel

Symbaloo offers great visuals based on square app icon look, enough space for organization. It includes a variety of preset categories like “Men’s or Women’s Lifestyles” with themed packages full of links.

Symbaloo personalized homepage providers

Symbaloo’s visual simplicity and flexibility. is particularly elegant. It is designed for the mobile gadgets. personalized homepage providers has an elegant interface.

Awesome New Tab Page” ranks among good personalized homepage providers for fans of Chrome  …it is starting to look like Windows 8.

personalized homepage providers

Is this Chrome or Windows 8?

Save Time

These personalized homepage providers need improvements

  • Ustart  is a “dot org” that offers cool imagery for backgrounds. It feels like an email inbox with a widget collection.
  • Hinto  is a “dot co”  limits the users login options to Facebook.
  • StartMe does not stand out.

Retooling other storage services like Feedly, Pocket or Instapaper may be an original solution for flexible types. Other personalized homepage providers are: MyMSN and MyWayiGoogle is gone, time to move on.

~Tech Guerrero

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