Music Programming Value Online Part II

There are plenty of music on-demand and curated radio streams out there, and the options continue growing. This is part II of multichannel providers as a music programming value proposition. Listen to Music Choice, AUPEO! and Sky.FM as options for multichannel streams, and  Jazz Radio along with Hearts of Space for genre-specific audiences.

Music Programming Value

Music providers = Advertising and affiliate marketing opportunities

Part I covered business aspects of Accuradio, Hot Mix Radio and Batanga. This week the offers are: three multi-genre and two niche audience all with mobile apps.

Music Choice or MC

A music programming value through media partnership

Music Choice music programming value

Beyond cable TV: on phones and on demand.

MC programs music and produces music-related content for digital cable television, mobile phone and cable modem users in the United States.

  • dozens of audio music channels for digital cable subscribers
  • music-related content for on-demand customers
  • interactive music video network


A music programming value popular in Europe

AUPEO!  Music Programming Value

AUPEO! auf Deutschland in English, etc.

  • AUPEO! Personal Radio offers free online music with a focus on the discovery of new songs and artists
  • founded in Berlin in 2008, the service is a leading provider of personalized audio streams
  • individual programs for listeners and recommend similar music
  • recommendation technology based on an algorithm developed by the Fraunhofer Institute (inventors of the MP3 format)
  • AUPEO!’s partner brands currently include Acer, Asus, Loewe, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sonos, Toshiba and Onkyo

Sky.FM Radio

Provides music programming value for those who like their genres well defined

SkyRadio Music Programming Value

Many free and premium choices including international

  • SKY.FM: a multi-channel internet radio service owned and operated by Digitally Imported in New York
  • channels include Bollywood, Russian, Japanese and Korean pop besides all western/international styles, in three streaming formats
  • many music fans keep the programming streamlined
  • free service= 40 channels
  • premium= 60 of commercial-free, high quality audio, etc.

The perfect choice for all sorts of Jazz lovers

JazzRadio Music Programming Value

Love Jazz? Must bookmark

They offer the best jazz music programming value online:

  • widest selection of Jazz music
  • fewest interruptions
  • various streaming formats
  • free and premium and in partnership with

Hearts of Space or HOS

Its music programming value is tranquility

Hearts of Space Music Programming Value

Top contender for Chillax awards!

HOS producer Stephen Hill applies the term “space music” his weekly selection of music of a contemplative nature drawn largely from the ambient, New Age and electronic genres, without excluding classical, world, Celtic, experimental, etc. They have an ingenious indie business model explained in their home page.  HOS is served by the year, minute, month, etc.

Tip: sign up and stream this nicely produced themed show of great audio quality every Sunday for free …it becomes a tradition for readers, mediators and students of life.

There is a universe of choices with music programming value online, so stay tuned for future coverage of radio or music streaming alternatives.

~Tech Guerrero for Sindiek8

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